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Explore the world of insurance and assistance products with Allianz Partners APIs.
With these APIs covering every step in your customer journey,
you are at no distance from ensuring fully digital experience for your app users



This developer portal is part of Allianz Partners initiative to make our APIs easy to discover and use.

The portal is meant for the development teams of our business partners who are building their own mobile, web, or desktop apps, and would like to grant their users access to the data about their Allianz Partners insurance and assistance products. The portal includes the full API catalog, and provides detailed technical information required to implement the API integration.

Please note that documentation on most APIs is open for our contractual partners only. Please create an account with your work email so we can grant you full access

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What is in?

What is in image

Allianz Partners API portfolio covers all our insurance and assistance products. With these APIs, you can implement every use case in their lifecycle, such as:

  1. get a quote,
  2. purchase a contract, and update its terms,
  3. file a claim or an assistance case, and monitor its delivery, or
  4. cancel the contract.

The Documentation section offers general instructions for the development team to get onboarded.


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